Score 18% Dairy Nuts + Megalac + ByPro

Contains a high level of cereal and rumen bypass protein to maximise milk protein.

Product details

  • This is a high energy dairy feed containing 2.5% Megalac and 2.5% ByPro.
  • Contains a high level of cereal and rumen by-bass protein to maximise milk protein.
  • Good balance of digestible fibre to maximise rumen especially where high levels are fed.
  • Feeding Megalac helps to fill the energy gap and maintain condition in early lactation. Reducing body condition loss post calving will speed up return to service and improve milk solids over the lactation.
  • Contains a Hi Phos mineral which is crucial to a dairy cow’s nutritional balance.

Suitable for

  • Suitable for feeding to autumn or early spring calving cows where a high energy feed is required.
  • This nut is also an excellent product to feed at the start of lactation or where forage is not of sufficient quality.

Features of Feed Additives


  • Increases milk yield
  • Improves fertility
  • Decreases risk of acidosis
  • Useful for manipulating milk quality
  • Improved Body Condition Score
  • Improved fat scores in finishing cattle

ByPro (Rumen Protected Protein)

  • Source of digestible by-pass amino acids
  • Promotes milk production
  • Improves milk protein percentage
  • Quality protein to boost growth in young cattle

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